Botlek Stores Rotterdam

The seamen shop since 1960

Botlek Stores offers goods and services to all seamen from ships that visit the Rotterdam Harbour and its surroundings.

We do so from two locations inside the Rotterdam area (Botlek and Europoort). Through the years (since 1960) we have developped quite a lot of knowhow about what seamen need and this has resulted in a unique assortment of articles that one will not find anywhere else under one roof. Combined with our wide range of services this makes many of our regular customers grab the phone as soon as the ship has moored to ask for our free transport service.

Money Transfer

Send money to your loved ones from Botlek Stores. MoneyGram agencies are to be found all over the world; also near your home.


Telephone / Sim Card Services

Phone cards from many major operators are available at Botlek Stores. We always have a solution for your specific phone card problem.


Buy Duty Free

For obvious reasons strict rules are applied concerning the sale of alcohol and tobacco products.

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Botlek magazine

An impression of what we can offer you.

Several times a year Botlek Stores renews the magazine/catalogue.
In it you can find a selection of the articles that we sell in our shops. Just to give you an idea of what we are offering.
We have always listened very carefully to you, our customers and have always tried - and still try every day - to translate your wishes into new articles and services.
We are constantly searching for articles that offer the most value for money. Year after year getting value for money is what makes our customers come back.