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Alcohol - Tobacco - Fragrances

At Botlek Stores we offer a range of Duty Free alcohol and tobacco products. These Duty Free products are only available for seamen from sea-going vessels.

For obvious reasons strict rules are applied concerning the sale of Duty Free alcohol and tobacco product. Furthermore, some ship-owners or captains do not allow their crews to buy any at all, others allow just a limited quantity. We will always ask if either of them is the case when making the invoice.

DF Drank-Tabak-Parfum
Also for obvious reasons the Dutch Customs are very keen on a proper handling of these Duty Free alcohol and tobacco products. Therefore all purchases of this nature of all crewmembers are packed together in a sealed box, that has to stay on board, closed, untill the ship has left the harbour.

Further we offer a range of Duty Free Fragrances by the leading manufacturers in the world; come and see / smell for yourselves and purchase an item for yourselve or a loved one.