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Maritime posters

These 3 world-wide known Maritime Posters were drawn in the 1960’s by the  dutch artist / sailor / Radio-Officer Rogier Mekel.

“This is our Captain, and this is how he is seen by…………..” is actually a composition of many drawings that he made over the years onboard, and only after his death they were put together to create this very funny wall poster that has been popular ever since.

“The Ship” is óne drawing that he worked on for many years, collecting the many stories told amongst sailors and his own memories of happenings in the “Wild” years at sea in commercial shipping all over the world.

“Harbour Cruise” is also óne drawing of a Harbour Cruise boat in his home town Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is officially called the “Spido”, and millions of tourist have been on such a tour of the Rotterdam port.

Each poster is filled with many funny situations and each tells a story