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The shop for seamen since 1960!
Free shuttle service

Botlek Stores is a department store for crew members from all the ships visiting Rotterdam and its surrounding harbours. Seamen get free transport from ship to shop and back again

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Buy duty free

At Botlek Stores we offer a range of Duty Free alcohol and tobacco products. These Duty Free products are only available for seamen from sea-going vessels.

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Come to Botlek Stores and bring your passport and salarycheck with you. At Botlek Stores fill out a simple Send Form and hand the form to the MoneyGram agent along with the money you want to send and the transfer fee. You will be given a Reference Number, contact the person to whom you’re sending the money, and give the Receiver the Reference Number.

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Resize Watches

When you have selected a watch from our extensive collection, you can have it resized for your wrist while you wait.

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Free Wi-Fi

At Botlek Stores  we offer free Wi-Fi

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